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Witchcraft Can Be Found All Over the World

There has been cases of witchcraft and occult practices occurring all over the world. There have been albino kids in Africa targeted because of their limbs and blood believed to have magical properties. These poor people are targeted by other locals so that they can make a magical potion out of there dead bodies. Even their graves aren’t safe from grave robbers. I think this kind of stuff has been practiced for many centuries. Some shamans in the are practice the use of very hardcore drugs to induce a state of mind that can better talk with the dead, and learn the deadly occult practices that could destroy every civilization. Something must be done about these crimes. Do secret societies around the world still practice this kind of behavior? Your guess is as good as mine. Ancient occult practices have been around since the beginning of mankind itself. We have been constantly plagued by unseen evils that are out of our control. What can we possibly do about such forces? Who is the Grandmaster in charge of such rituals and ceremonies? Even the United States is heavily influenced by the freemasons since the beginning of its inception. Now we have crazy earthquakes that are going on all over the world, volcanic eruptions and no one to turn to for help. If these Freemasons were created to bring out the good in a special group of men, why is it that only bad things can be tied to their history. Sure we have the United States of America but is it truly the land of the free? Every day rights and liberties are stripped away do to the fact that the elected officials that we think we are electing, are still bringing fourth the same agenda. This is our reality. So does this ancient magic of old still exist today? How could any of us answer that. If it does it is obviously kept secret, why? Because the secret is how to control people. They rather control you, than inform you. Its time we all wake up to whats going on in our planet. The end is coming closer and closer. Go to any religious institution, and they will tell you the same thing. Love and light. Only we can overcome.

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John Todd and The Witchcraft Behind the Music Industry

Occult World and Witchcraft in America Part 1

Occult World and Witchcraft in America Part 2

Occult World and Witchcraft in America Part 3

Occult World and Witchcraft in America Part 4

Occult World and Witchcraft in America Part 5

John Todd is a whistle blower on the subject of Witchcraft in the music industry. He comes from an ancient witch bloodline, and he practiced in the occult for a long time. This is a series that shows just how occult the music industry is. There are very prominent people that are involved of this type of witchcraft magic. Many people don’t believe in this stuff, I believe it does not only happen, but its still happening today with the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Kanye West. He speaks about the Illuminati, and the rituals involved in creating main stream music that is loved by millions of people around the world. The power of music is definitely something that we don’t understand. These initiated masters however, know just how to use music to bring upon their agendas on main stream society. You are being hypnotized and you are under control of your music producer puppet masters.

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Albino People are Getting Killed in Tanzania for Witchcraft

Many of the people are worried and scared. Mostly the Albino people because there is a lot of belief that their body parts can be used for the purpose of magic. They cut off their arms, or legs, and even their hair. All of these parts are used in potions, and I believe that there are some Europeans and Americans also contributing by asking for these magic potions and remedies. Maybe they even ask these witch doctors to perform spells for them. It is true that a lot of people’s body parts throughout history have been used to practice magic. What do you think? Obviously they wouldn’t go through all of this trouble if they didn’t believe it worked to some extent.

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